• Welcome To The
    New Venom Website

    Venom is proud to present our new website. Venom is a market leader in quality speakers and audio equipment in the Asian region.  Discover our quality range of speakers, subwoofers, power amplifiers and other audio equipment today.

  • Silver SII Series

    Feel Every Beat

    Great performance without using separate components. VENOM VX6SII coaxials are equipped with a unique tweeter featured in the center midbass speaker.


  • Intelligent Series

    Superior Sound Technology

    The original Venom Intelegent amplifiers set new performance standards for automotive amplification and have became the best-selling premium mobile amplifiers in Asia.


  • Intelligent Series

    Dynamic Sound Quality

    Loudspeaker features some of Venom's best technology. Its woofer cone is exceptionally stiff, yet lightweight for increased efficiency, exceptional midrange clarity and lower distortion at high-output levels.


  • Silver SII Series

    Maximum Listening Pleasure

    For almost one decade, The Venom Silver amplifiers have set the standard in the car audio amplifier industry and they continue to do so today.


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